How might we increase the number of foster families in Calgary?

Trellis Society, formerly known as Aspen Family Community network joined Inspire to experiment with new ways of attracting foster parents by partnering with Landmark Theatres.


How might we create a "one for one" business model?

CUPS Calgary tested a concept inspired by the social entrepreneurship business model developed by TOMS Shoes, in which one needed item is given away for each item purchased.


How might we increase access to everyday services for hard of hearing and deaf people?

Deaf & Hear Alberta created a digital prototype to test their on-demand, virtual American Sign Language (ASL) service to improve access and increase the quality of life of their customers with an Uber-like solution.


How might children design their own experiences?

YMCA participated in Inspire to learn how Design Thinking could improve their customer experience by involving kids in the ideation phase of launching new programs and initiatives.


How might data improve how people experience homelessness? 

A collaboration between The Calgary Drop-in Centre and CUPS Calgary worked together to create digital prototypes of varying fidelities to test desirability, viability and feasibility.


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